Online Open Book Exams for a digital infused generation

To be presented at CABS LTSE, 25 & 26th of April 2017, Bristol, UK

A digital infused generation of learners and large student numbers are only a few challenges business schools face at present. Such trends demand new practices in teaching and question our approach to assessment. This paper presents findings of postgraduate students taking an online open book exam (OOE) and examines its effect on student learning, experience and preference as well as reflections of teachers using OOE. Findings suggest that students prefer OOE, however it is the open book nature of the exam (and specifically the ability to prepare and engage with content and questions prior to the actual exam) that had a significant effect on preference rather than the use of technology.

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Online Open book exams_podacst

Insights from this research will be presented at the next CABS Learning, teaching and Student Experience Conference, 25-26th of April 2017. For more information about the conference click on and you can join the network on LinkedIn