Call for Papers: Responsible Leadership in Times of Transformation

International Journal of Management Education (IJME)

Call for Papers

Special Issue in conjunction with 5th Responsible Management Education Research Conference:

Responsible Leadership in Times of Transformation | November 12th -13th 2018 in Cologne, Germany

Looking forward: Leadership Development & Responsible Management Education for advancing the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Editors: Carole Parkes (Associate Editor IJME) Monika Kolb; Lutz Schlange; Milenko Gudic & René Schmidpeter.

In calling for systemic change in business and management education to accelerate progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to sensitize current and future business leaders to the inherent values of  sustainability and responsibility, the United Nations Global Compact and Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) emphasize that business and management institutions play a key role in shaping the skills and mindsets of these leaders, and act as powerful drivers of corporate sustainability.

To contribute effectively to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Global Goals, business and management schools must change the way they teach business and leadership, and more systematically incorporate the values of sustainability, ethics and responsibility into their teaching, research, stakeholder collaboration and institutional leadership. Traditional approaches to teaching including linear thought patterns, clear hierarchical roles, and passive students were useful in a time of economic stability, clear distribution of power, and predetermined tasks and work structures. Today, the complexity of societal structures and norms and its precarity requires different competencies and agile thinking that can address the many challenges. These include sectors in transition (banks, automobiles, energy industry), social tensions through inequality and global uncertainties in a solution-oriented and systemic way.

This special issue aims to:

  1. Look forward to advancing the implementation of Agenda 2030/ SDGs with Responsible Management Education and Leadership Development and
  2. Establish common ground for stakeholders to create partnerships and dialogue through communication and collaboration.

In working towards achieving the SDGs there are a wide range of opportunities for Responsible Management Education and Leadership Development in the fields of curriculum design, rethink learning approaches, provide formal and informal learning settings, build partnerships and empower students and faculty. We understand students as the provider of solutions to the complex economic issues and teaching as one driver of transformation to empower students to implement sustainable and responsible business practises.

This Special Issue also builds on and complements the 10th Anniversary IJME- PRME Special Issue ( as well as a forthcoming Special Issue of the Journal of Business Ethics – Responsible Management Learning: Change and Innovation for Sustainability, Responsibility, Ethics by Oliver Laasch (, Dirk C. Moosmayer and colleagues (

This call therefore welcomes papers along the following themes:

  • The learning theme which reflects a concern for managerial learning for sustainability, responsibility, and ethics, individually or in groups. What is to be learned and how? The correlation between responsible management education and the SDGs
  • The change theme that focuses on how change is triggered by management learning and how changes, in turn, may promote learning. How can responsible management learning change organizations and taken-for-granted ideas, to drive paradigmatic, institutional change? The correlation between global leadership and SDGs
  • The transdisciplinary theme that goes beyond the notion of multidisciplinary approaches and given the nature of the SDGs takes a more integral approach to engaging different actors/subject areas and disciplines. How do distinct communities, environments, niches, and spaces of learning within and beyond organizations interrelate?

We are interested in articles that contribute to constructing definition clarification, theory development, identification of antecedents, outcome and performance measures, analyses and measures of sub-dimensions of the phenomenon, assessment instruments for selection and development purposes, and developmental methods and processes. Papers can include presenting theories, models, research, reviews, critiques, case histories, and qualitative/quantitative or mixed method studies that examine teaching, learning, and development in Responsible Management Education. This includes those that reflect the voice of students. Studies will be considered in a regional, national and/or international context, and papers from diverse global regional contexts are encouraged. Single discipline, multi, inter and transdisciplinary studies are also welcome.

Submission Guidelines

The deadline for submissions is 11th January 2019 and should be submitted via the journal’s online submission system available through the journal homepage:

or directly via:

choosing SI: PRME as the article type from the drop down menu.

All papers should follow the guidelines outlined by the journal for submission:

About the International Journal of Management Education (IJME)

International Journal of Management Education provides a forum for scholarly reporting and discussion of developments in all aspects of teaching and learning in business and management. The Journal seeks reflective papers that bring together pedagogy and theories of management learning; descriptions of innovative teaching, which include critical reflection on implementation and outcomes, will also be considered. The Journal represents an excellent forum for highlighting the profile of management education on both a national and international level. The editors particularly welcome submissions on:

  • Critical perspectives on education and its institutional development in all the business and management disciplines;
  • Changes in the structure of business and management education and the changing roles of management educators;
  • Relationships of business and management programmes to employers’ needs;
  • Globalisation of business and responsible management education in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

About the Responsible Management Education Research Conference (RMER)

The Responsible Management Education Research Conference is an annual event that foster knowledge exchange and networking opportunity to universities, business schools and management development institutions related to responsible leadership and sustainable development. The conference will provide a forum for a truly global discussion that can help also in fostering collaboration, partnerships, and dialogue related to the role of research, management education and leadership development in the advancement of the implementation of the SDGs locally, nationally and globally. The conference will be held on 12-13 November in Cologne, Germany in conjunction with the 6th PRME Chapter DACH (12 November) and 8th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility (14-16 November) to which PRME is invited to contribute. All information is also available online at