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March 2020

Centre for Management Learning – NEWSLETTER – March 2020

CML Rebrand 2020

CML becomes Centre For Management Education – CME

CML was launched in February 2017 and we have had 3 successful years of growing the community, supporting research and development in Management Education, driving educator training and staff development and raising the profile of the profession globally. We decided it is time to rebrand as Centre for Management Education. As part of the rebrand, we will introduce new formats and reallocate our website within the University of Surrey website. We are currently in a transition phase and new formats will start when the new platform is in place – further communication in due course. New formats include:

  • Podcast & Feature series – Management Educator
  • New CPD opportunities for our members
  • Closer collaboration with national and international professional bodies 

CML Community events, research participation call & Special Issue Calls

Case Teaching and Writing Workshop at Royal Holloway

From the 5th-6th May 2020 Royal Holloway runs a residential case writing retreat. The aim of this event is to produce interdisciplinary cases which can be tailored to business and management programmes, enhancing our teaching and student experience. This will promote our teaching practice by sharing the cases with colleagues from different institutions. Rachel Taliaferro editor at SAGE business cases is joining from San Diego to facilitate the session in collaboration with Justin O’Brien (NTF and Director of Undergraduate Studies at RHU) and Dr Anupam Mehta (University of Birmingham) and will share insights and tips of publishing cases. As this is a residential case writing retreat attendees are expected to join intensive discussion and writing events over the two days. For further information please contact Justin O’Brien at RHU Staff at Surrey Business School please contact Prof Andy Adcroft/ Dr Christine Rivers for further details.  

Student Experience Management Research – Nottingham Trent University & St Mary’s University 

Julie Rosborough (CML member) and Mojtaba Poorrezaei from Nottingham Trent University and Libby Farrier-Williams from St Mary’s University are conducting research around student experience management and have asked for participation.

Student experience management is a strategic and operational issue for UK business schools and whilst frameworks exist to help manage customer experience nothing similar exists in the higher education sector. This Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABs) funded study will fill that gap by creating a student experience management framework and measurement dashboard to help those tasked with setting strategy and delivering student experience to do so in an evidence based way. The research will help identify what’s important to students and what staff need to create a positive student experience. We are using two means of collecting data. One is a survey and the second a q sort which is a way of ranking opinions. As staff your input to the research is very much needed and we would be grateful if you could complete the survey and/or qsort analysis (see links below).  The questionnaire should take 10 minutes and the qsort  should take 12 minutes. The data will be used to create a report which will appear on the CABS website later this year. Ethical approval has been granted by Nottingham Trent University.  If you have any questions about the research please contact Julie Rosborough on

STAFF Survey link –

STAFF Qsort link –

Academy of Management, Learning and Education – Special Issues

AMLE is calling for paper submission to 2 Special Issues in various management learning and education areas:  1. New Histories of Business Schools and How They May Inspire New Futures and 2. Learning and Education Strategies for Scholarly Impact:

Influencing Regulation, Policy and Society through Research. Click here to find out more!.aspx, deadlines vary from March 2020 to May 2021.

CML Conferences Upcoming

CABS LTSE 2020 – Belfast 

This year CABS LTSE is held in Belfast, 12th-13th of May 2020. The conference is a great opportunity to learn about new teaching practices but also share experiences and network. Please follow the link for more information:

BAM 2020 – Call for Papers – Post Experience Education Symposium (SIG Learning and Knowledge)

We are proud to announce an additional call for papers at BAM2020 for Post Experience Education symposium.  The symposium will provide an opportunity to explore and develop related themes through an open and dynamic discussion which aims to set the agenda in post-experience education. Conceptual, developmental and empirically grounded papers and research agendas are invited to address various questions. For more detailed information please click here. Papers submissions should follow the BAM guidelines, nd submission deadline is 31 July 2020.

CML Programme & Staff Development

Management Education in Practice – update

The first round of webinars, workshops and individual sessions is now in full swing and it was great to see interest and commitment of colleagues. Feedback so far has been very positive. We will open a second call for signing up in late spring/ summer, so watch the space. If you have any suggestions for specific topics you would like to see covered or any other ideas for how to improve or engage staff please don’t hesitate to contact Christine Rivers,

 If you have any stories/ success you would like to share with the CML network please contact us: & Keep informed via twitter @cmlsurrey.

Best wishes from the CML team