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Lecturer Scripted Executive Video Cases: Could they be an alternative for teaching business studies?

Wednesday 21 November 2018 at 12.00-13.30

Surrey Business School, University of Surrey

This interactive event will be addressing the issue of widening gap between “what is taught at business schools” and “what is needed by businesses”, aiming to bring in learning/teaching process closer to reality, with the help of ‘real-cases’ and ‘dilemma training’.

Dr Nukhet Vardar, owner of El Izi Communications Consultancy, will be the keynote speaker of the workshop. Dr Vardar has been studying and practising international marketing and advertising since 1983. After receiving her PhD in international advertising from UMIST, UK in 1990, she worked in international ad and media agencies as a professional while continuing to pursue academic degrees. In 2002 she returned to academia at YeditepeUniversity, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Istanbul, Turkey where she received a professorship in marketing. She is continuing to give consultancy at her own El Izi Comm. Consultancy, Turkey since 2002. Dr. Vardar also started her company’s UK subsidiary – El Izi Communications Consultancy UK Limited at the end of 2016 to start a novel e-learning project in the UK, dividing her time between London and Istanbul.

Brands Whisper’g®*, developed as an alternative teaching method for Marketing will be introduced as a digital platform ( It is a web and video based tool, structured like a Marketing textbook, aiming to teach Marketing without requiring students to read through the chapters of a textbook. Instead, all information is delivered by lecturer scripted video cases, narrated by marketing executives. Therefore each chapter of the book is covered with real company examples (‘reality learning’), by using problem/solution method (‘dilemma training’). Students first hear about the example (case) from an executive and then the lecturer links it to the theory at the Q&A session with student participation. Video cases and teaching notes are complemented by a full transcription which are also made available online to support diverse learning preferences. Brands Whisper’g® has been recently added to The Case Centre’s collection and during the event, participants will also learn more about The Case Centre and their collection.

In addition a video case on Marketing will be used as an example lecture. It will be watched in parts and participant feedback will be gathered on the possible use of video cases in lectures. Furthermore participants wishing to create their own video cases as a result of this event will get a chance to learn about the process through sharing of experience and knowledge.

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Tentative agenda

11.30-12.00: registration & refreshments

12.00-13.30: main speech followed by Q&A

13.30-14.30: lunch

(please note the schedule may be subject to change)

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