Stefan Cantore

Stefan Cantore is a Senior University Teacher in Organisation Development at the University of Sheffield and an independent management learning consultant. He is co-founder of design and learning consultancy ifplace, offering a unique way of working, combining theory and practice from service design, education and organizational development. He is also a director of the Centre for Co-Design and Learning.

Stefan’s career history is a rich combination of extensive experience in senior corporate leadership, organisational consulting, academic research, and teaching at a leading UK Russell Group University. As well as an NHS Trust CEO, leading a complex £65m healthcare business, he has successfully delivered a wide range of coaching and organisation development consultancy assignments across the public, voluntary and commercial sectors.

He is well known in the UK for his thought leadership in conversational approaches to change and learning, including the application of Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based processes to healthcare settings. Stefan has co-authored the well-reviewed ‘Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management’ with recent speaking engagements in Hungary, Croatia, USA, Spain and the UK.