MindSauce is a members only marketplace that connects ambitious businesses with the worlds leading experts to provide micro-consulting. Clients pay experts by the hour and communicate via video, mobile or face to face, reducing the need for long term commitment and enabling you to access a pool of experience otherwise unavailable or very costly.

MindSauce understand that no two people will find themselves in exactly the same situation, with the same resources, and the same life experiences. But by learning from others, and taking a subjective stance, they can progress quicker, more cost effectively, efficiently and confidently. In today’s highly connected and globalised world, it is the speed with which companies can adapt to changing environments that will ultimately determine their success.

They pride themselves on their access to the very best experts in business, and place enormous value on the ability to connect those in the know with those that need to know.

They call this, “Knowledge On Demand”.

MindSauce join us as industry partners; our contact with them is Richard Sadd, their CEO.