Industry partners

Industry partners are invited to work with us to make this change happen and help us to develop graduates with values, skills and mind-sets ready for the industry. Benefits include:

  • Close collaboration with CML industry partner representatives
  • Logo and partnership featured on CML website and communicated via various online channels
  • Involvement in CML events (e.g. planning, participating, attending, hosting, sponsoring)
  • Involvement in the CML Annual International Symposium (e.g. planning, participating, attending, hosting, sponsoring, presenting awards)
  • Opportunity to meet and collaborate with other CML industry and academic partners
  • Online and offline social media presence via the Surrey Business School network and the Surrey Public Relations team
  • Scholarship opportunities for staff on our Post Graduate Certificate in Management Education – a qualification in management learning designed for practitioners to teach in a business school as associates
  • There is no joining fee or membership at present for the first 12 month

You can also check our network of existing industry partners.