Academic partners

Academic partners can make use of an already established centre but also create their own network in-house, e.g. cmlxxxx, and share insights, concerns with the CML community consisting of other academics, schools and industry partners. Benefits include:

  • Virtual catch-ups with CML Surrey leads around insights, developments, challenges in management learning specifically focusing on curriculum development, teaching innovation, staff development and research and how we can help one another to address some of those issues.
  • Sharing CML partner news via CML networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, website, events, etc.)
  • Opportunities to write papers together (e.g. CML’s annual writing retreat) and research grants
  • Participating in the CML Annual International Symposium bringing academia and industry together
  • Applying to the annual CML Award
  • Invitations to CML events (online and offline)

You can also check our network of existing academic partners.