centre for management learning

Centre for Management Learning

Our mission

Centre for Management Learning (CML)
Our mission is to be the leading Centre for the enquiry into the theory and practice of Management Learning. CML aims to improve and enhance teaching excellence in management through industry-informed curriculum design, new teaching practices, staff development and pedagogic research and events.


CML offers a range of accredited and non-accredited qualifications for management educators, management students and practitioners.


CML provides bespoke CPD programmes for management educators and practitioners to further develop pedagogical knowledge and skills.


CML provides consultancy on strategic and operational matters in management education including innovative curriculum design, innovation and leadership. 

Our work is underpinned by three interrelated themes





Teaching Excellence and the Learning Experience
CML is committed to developing graduates with impact, graduates prepared for the next stage of their life because of what they know and what they can do. This involves programmes that are designed in collaboration with industry and modules that are taught based on learner’s and market needs.

CML Global Partnership Network (GPN) is about developing and co-creating competence in management learning across the globe and making a difference in how we will be managed and led in the future.

Research & Events

Evidence-based Teaching
CML is a laboratory for teaching innovation, encouraging academics to experiment and innovate in the creation of new teaching practices. Teaching practices grounded in evidence and disseminated through publications and CML events.

British Academy of Management
University of Bedfordshire
University of Derby
Nottingham Trent University